More and more pet owners all across the United States are turning to mobile vets, also called “vets on wheels”. The truth is that is a new trend is sweeping all across the country. Pet owners are tired of waiting in line for hours, therefore they prefer a mobile veterinary clinic instead, because they can benefit from the same services right from the comfort of their home. Click here to view Idaho’s local mobile pet service.

The Ideal Solution for Any Pet Owner:

Mobile vet clinics are the ideal solution for people who are busy or lack the time to go to a regular pet clinic. Moreover, if your pet who is extremely aggressive or has some serious mobility problems, a mobile veterinary clinic might be the best choice. Having your vet come to you instead of you going to the vet is certainly the ideal solution for any pet owner, including owners who have a young child a home, senior citizens, people with hectic schedules and also people without a driving license. If you are a breeder and you don’t want to expose young animals to other older pets, a mobile veterinary clinic could prove a satisfying choice.

According to Dr. Lena Baker, the founder and the director of the famous American Association of Mobile Veterinary Practitioners (AAMVP), a mobile vet clinic is a much better way to provide a high-quality service, because it allows vets to work with the pets without interruption. The doctor doesn’t have to worry about his next appointment and has more time to deal with a case. In this way, he can build stronger relations with each client and will have the opportunity to educate pet owners regarding their pets safety. This will prove to be extremely beneficial for the animal in the long-run, because he will be less prone to accidents since his owner will know how to treat him.

Benefits of a Mobile Veterinarian Clinic:

There are many benefits of a mobile vet clinic compared to a brick-and-mortar one. Some of the most important are:

1. Convenience: According to Dr. Baker, this is probably the most obvious benefit. Rather than using his important vacation time to bring the pet to a clinic, a pet owner can schedule an appointment with a mobile vet doctor who will care for his pet at his home. This way, the owner is hassle-free and gains more time for what’s really important. Now he can plan his vacation having the peace of mind his dog or cat is healthy and can enjoy the holiday with the whole family.

2. Saves time: People who own more animals can save a lot of time by using a mobile vet clinic. Instead of making several trips to the clinic, you can call a doctor who will take care of them at once, in just one visit. There is typically no need for multiple trips anymore.

3. Gives peace of mind: Many family pets, such as cats and puppies, can experience extreme stress while they are travelling to the clinic. After a short trip, it’s quite usual for a stressed and frightened pet to vomit in the car or in the vet’s office. In order to avoid these situations, pet owners can choose a mobile vet clinic. If you’ve experienced one of these unpleasant situations before, you will certainly desire not to experience it again. A Mobile Vet Service is an ideal solution.

4. A lower risk for exposure to diseases: There are many clinics that don’t always adhere to the standard safety and health regulations, therefore many pets can become sick while waiting at the clinic. This is where mobile vet clinics have an advantage and also improve the condition of the service. This is a tremendous advantage, especially if your pet has a weakened immune system or is quite young. Why expose him to destructive viruses and diseases if you can protect him?

5. Flexibility: A mobile vet clinic offers much more flexibility than a regular veterinary clinic, providing a less stressful experience to both the pets and their owners. Moreover, the doctor who travels can experience the freedom to work out in the field and to enjoy trips in other cities or states.

Of course, all the advantages of a mobile veterinary clinic are also associated with an additional cost for this convenience. However, if we consider the time and money spent on gas when travelling to a clinic, a mobile vet clinic is a much better choice.

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